Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Level 319

How to pass level 319 Dreamworld
Level 319 is an orders level. The orders you have to collect are 55 each of orange, purple and blue candies in 30 moves.
JUst to make things interesting there is a bomb at the bottom locked in licorice and surrounded by chocolate.. AND six chocolate machines spewing out the stuff after every move.. 
This isn't a difficult level, there are enough moves to complete the orders as long as you don't let the chocolate take over, and don't forget the bomb!
Moonstruck is on move 14 and here are 2 moves.
Video below
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Anonymous said...

Orders levels are the pits in Dreamworld and require a lot of luck. If your colors are removed during moonstruck you might as well just hit the quit button and try again!

Ultramum said...

Struggling with this one ... Waste of time if one of the colours is on the perch when you start it

Anonymous said...

I am so frustrated. Whatever color I need disappears during moonstruck. It is so annoying. You can't win if the color isn't there. Don't know how to get around this.