Candy Crush Dreamworld level 340

How to pass level 340 Dreamworld
This is a difficult level and as usual you need luck with the owl to stand any chance of getting past level 340, but here are a few things I worked out that may help you get past.
You need at the minimum some vertical stripes to unfreeze the candies in the bottom parts of the board, but stripe/wrap combos are best.
Once the bottom is unfrozen try not to let the licorice fall into it or you will have trouble clearing the jelly, Match next to the licorice in the top half to destroy it before you match in the bottom.
Try not to set off the stripes in the middle too early as you will release bombs with only a count of 5, so very difficult to deal with.. Use a vertical stripe on the 3 stripes on move 6 or 5 so you will destroy 3 rows of jelly but won't have to worry about the bombs.
Moonstruck is on move 11 and there are a good few moves.
Video below
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2nd Video by Leslie Tiffi B. 


Anonymous said...

Hey where are levels 321 to 339? I need help on 331 please!!

Anonymous said...

When is King opening more levels??? Just played 335 and 336...sent back to 335...bored on both sides...

Anonymous said...

stucked for few weeks! finally clear the jelly with 2 times stripes+color bomb. what a luck!

DaveBrz said...

I see Odus being a pain, having lot of games where falls off on the 1st or 2nd move.

Jennifer said...

I'm surprised there are not more comments here. This is a very difficult level. Odus falls off with only seven of one color, so he's very finicky in this level and you need a lot of luck, not only to keep him on the moon, but to also deal with the bombs in the middle that are released once you clear the stripes. I've not yet been able to pass this level.

Anonymous said...

Tin tin here... I just do these when waiting for more normal levels to come free. I followed the video of this level and got specials organised in the top level until moonstruck came, and then did everything in the bottom half. Got it on about 3rd try.