Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Level 304

Tips for level 304 Dreamworld

On Dreamworld level 304 you have to make 60 stripes in 40 moves.. Sounds impossible but that's far from the case.
The first job is to open up the board to give you more room to play by clearing the cream blockers.
Don't be too tempted to go straight for the mystery candies at the bottom unless you're usually lucky with them.
If you get a bomb or chocolate in the bottom row before you clear the cream it may be impossible to destroy them before either the bombs counts down or the chocolate eats all you mystery candies!
Once you have some cream cleared you can use the mysteries while at the same time making a colour bomb, which you can then match with a stripe to give loads of your required stripes.
Moonstruck is on move 21 but there are only 2 moves so you need to be ready with at least one combo to switch on move 21 so once there are less colours the rest of the stripes will likely make themselves.
You may need at least one more colour bomb/stripe combo if you don't get good cascades during moonstruck.
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Anonymous said...

I had a moonstruck that went crazy and wound up with well over a million points!