Candy Crush Dreamworld level 301

Tips for level 301 Dreamworld
The orders on level 301 are 20 stripes and 6 wraps in 40 moves. There are a line of bomb dispensers down the center of the board which will drop bombs if you remove the candy which is sitting under them.
It's almost impossible not to release the bombs at some stage as you have to fire off  stripes to collect the orders.
Now for the good news, there are only 5 colours on the board so making the stripes and wraps is fairly easy as long as you study the board before each move so you don't miss any.
A colour bomb/stripe combo will get most of the stripes you need as long as you are careful not to unbalance Odus when you combine them.
If you have trouble making wraps read our post
Moonstruck is on move 26 and there are 3 moonstruck moves. 
Video below.

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