Candy Crush Dreamworld level 296

Tips for level 296 Dreamworld
You need to get the ingredients from the right side of the board to the left and out of the exits there..
BUT, the left side is covered in locked candy and the teleports at the bottom of the right side are covered by multi layer cream which you have to break through.
In your favour you are provided with two powerful coconut wheels on the board at the start.
Use one of the coconut wheels to clear the locked left side by moving it vertically, but make sure it is on the right level to take out all three rows of locked candy.
Use the other coconut wheel horizontally to clear one layer of cream at the bottom.
Then just make as many combos as you can to clear the rest of the cream and move the ingredients through the teleports and out of the exits.
There are 2 moonstrucks on level 296, the first is on move 26 and the second is on move 13 and there are 3 moves in each.
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