Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 293

Tips for level 293 Dreamworld
There are teleports at the bottom of the left side of the board which the candies go through and into the top of the right side of the board.
The big problem on level 293 is the licorice, it falls down from the dispensers at the top of the left side of the board and falls through the teleports into the right side along with the candies.
Every time you kake a move that doesn't kill licorice more will fall down until it will eventually cover both sides and prevent you from making useful moves.
The trick to level 293 is to try to hit at least one piece of licorice with every move to keep it under control and stop it taking over.. Easier said than done!
The fish are useful but if the jelly is covered by licorice they will only take the licorice and won't touch the jelly.
Moonstruck is on move 11 and there are 3 moves in moonstruck mode.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very easy. Finished 1rst try with 12 moves left.