Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 287

How to do level 287 Dreamworld
Moonstruck is on move 21 and there are 5 moves in moonstruck mode
Video below

Video by Cookie
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Anonymous said...

If you can remove the cream from one of the squares diagonally below the fruit, it will slip out the side. That makes it a little easier than trying to plow straight down through everything. Once I did that, I set of a bunch of vertical stripes (and stripe/wrap combos) in the same column, and that was enough to get it out.

In all my attempts, I never uncovered the chocolate factories, so that wasn't an issue for me.


Anonymous said...

This is NOT an easy level between the owl and just running out of moves!

Ultramum said...

I'd live to set off vertical stripes and stripe wrap combos ... I get about five reshuffles at the start of every level and, with the owl being sensitive, it is very hard to line up the combos