Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 278

How to do level 278 Dreamworld
On level 278 you are given 3 very powerful coconut wheel boosters encased in ice on the board.
I have played this level several times and have found the best way to win is to use the coconut wheels as soon as possible. Use the top one horizontally and if you can switch it with another special, such as a stripe or colour bomb, it will give you a whole row of stripes which will clear loads of cream. 
Use the other two to the best advantage if you have cleared the cream under them and dropped them to the bottom. Move them upwards to clear a layer off all the cream, otherwise move them sideways. 
Odus seems to be fairly stable on his perch when you set off the coconut wheels so I never had to worry too much about him.
Moonstruck is on move 6
Video below
Video by Cookie
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