Candy crush Dreamworld level 256

How to do level 256 Dreamworld
Moonstruck is on move 14 and there are 5 moves in moonstruck mode.
If you can open up the fish first and switch them with a stripe/wrap or colour bomb while you still have some candies on the left side they will get rid of more jelly.
But it's more likely you will have to clear a lot of the jelly first due to lack of moves on the right side.
So the more you can get rid of before moonstruck on move 14 the better chance you will have of clearing the jelly.
Video below.

Video by Cookie
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Anonymous said...

Wow - what the heck is the trick to this level? WAY too much jelly o the left side!

Ultramum said...

Nightmare ... Either no moves on the right side so end up clearing the left hand jelly before a shuffle OR only moves available knock odious Odus off his perch.

Victoria Warren said...

I have been stuck forever on this level. Is there really anyway to pass it without paying quite a few dollars?