Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 230

Tips for level 230 Dreamworld
This can be a very frustrating level.. As there are so few candies at the start it's very likely your choice of moves is so limited that there is no option than to unbalance Odus.
I have lost this game withing the first few moves too many times to count!
But once you open up the play area it's a fairly easy level to complete.
There are 3 moonstrucks to help you.
The first is on move 39, the second on move 24 and the third on move 9.
There are 8 moves in each moonstruck mode.
Video below.


Anonymous said...

First time ever getting to be the first person to post : ) This level is tricky. Pay attention to the board and take advantage of chocolate bomb and also wrap combos. I've gotten close twice but I've yet to see the 8th ingredient! I hope this isn't like level 500 in regular Candy Crush where the last ingredient never comes down!

Candace Johnston said...

The 8th ingredient never, ever comes. I've had more than 10 moves left with no ingredients on the board, several times. It doesn't drop down.
Can't pass it.

Anonymous said...

level242: i wrote here a comment yesterday and it was fixed but now in another level i got stuck again
thanks for helping :)