Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 232

Tips for level 232 Dreamworld
There are 2 moonstrucks on this level, the first on move 22 and the second on move 5.
2 moves in each.
In the video below I could have finished earlier, but wanted to increase my score as there were plenty of moves left.
Video by Cookie
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Anonymous said...

Am I missing something? No comments and I'm having all kinds of trouble with this. Tippy Owl Syndrome gets me every time as it takes a long time to switch 5 pairs of stripes!

Anonymous said...

I'm having the same trouble with a very tipsy owl. The slightest moves and he's falling. Very frustrating!

Ultramum said...

I am so fed up of this level I can't even be bothered to play more than two of my five lives ... Obviously need a lucky board to succeed :-(