Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 219

Tips and help to pass level 219 Dreamworld.
Fairly easy jelly level, the only problem, apart from the owl, is the licorice that covers the bottom 2 squares and also falls down from the top as you clear jellies.
Moonstruck is on move 5 and you get 2 moves, you should be able to clear the jelly in moonstruck mode if you didn't manage it earlier.

Video by Cookie
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Constantine Markellos said...

ms on 17, left side, 1 move
ms on 2, looks like left side, 1 move
ms on 16, left side, 3 moves
ms on 16, left side, 3 moves
ms on 12, left side, 3 moves
ms on 5, right side, 1 move

candy on

Leslie said...

Seems to be a glitch here. If you win on moonstruck the game freezes and you lose! How sad.

Anonymous said...

Constantine - please stick to the current level!!!