Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Level 208

Tips for level 208 Dreamworld
25 moves to make 4 colour bombs and 10 stripes.
One colour bomb is already on the board if you can manage to remove it from the ice to use.
The stripes shouldn't be a problem, and the colour bombs will be easier to make once you get to moonstruck on move 10.
there are 2 moves in moonstruck mode.
Video below


Anonymous said...

You win by luck!

Anonymous said...

I hated the similar level in regular Candy Crush. It just seems boring to me. I really don't like the ordered levels. I got down to one chocolate ball left. I started off great with a chocolate ball/stripe combo. Wiped out the stripes and only needed 3 balls. The trapped one was released so I took it out. Got another chocolate ball at Moonstruck and then nothing! Ran out of moves.