Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 197

Tips for level 197 Dreamworld
Moonstruck is on move 11 and loads of moves in moonstruck mode. 
Forgot to count but there are at least 5 moves.
Video below


Anonymous said...

After the moonstruck at 11, the last 10 moves are all in moonstruck mode, so make as many combos as you want without worrying.

I remember this level from Reality but this is one that's a lot easier in Dreamworld. You need to make a vertical stripe in the top half and set it off the free the wraps in the bottom half from the ice. Once you set off a wrap/wrap combo it will clear most of the bottom, and then use the remaining moves to clean up the rest. In Dreamworld, if you haven't made the first vertical stripe yet, the moonstruck will likely open up the bottom for you anyway, and then the rest of the moves are Odus-free.


KC said...

Indeed this level shouldnot have any problems to pass. Vertical stripe at the top for clearing a part of the bottom. Donnot try to clear the bottom further but first take a look at the top for creating more combos; I made two chocolate-bombs using them (with help of wrapped candies below) for clearing the rest. Maybe Lucky but I needed only one try with four moves left. I'll hope you'll be Lucky too! KC (Holland).