Candy Crush Dreamworld level 205

Tips for level 205 Dreamworld.
First you need to unfreeze the colour bomb so you can use it to unlock some of the locked candies at the top and allow more candies to fall.
When you use the colour bomb make sure you unlock a colour which will open a way through for the candies.. So you need to use it on a colour that has at least one candy in each row, and preferably close to each other so the candies can fall.
You can see in th image below that I can use the colour bomb on either orange, blue, green or yellow.
Yellow would only open the top row so is no good.
Green would open only one candy so is even worse.
I need to use it on either blue or orange to allow more candies to fall, so I will have to use use it on the blue, as the orange is a moon colour and is likely to overbalance Odus.
Once the top is open and the ingredients start to fall it's just a matter of making vertical stripes or colour bombs to get them down.
Moonstruck is on move 11 but only one move in moonstruck mode.


Anonymous said...

This is nearly impossible... Odus is so darn nervous.... Phew, I don't know how many lives I spend, but it's not quite often that I reach the Moonstruck mode, notmaly Odus is dead already:-(

Anonymous said...


After 270 or 271 attempts I got it-:))) (Just kiddin'...)

This is very, very frustrating.

This level has given the meaning of the word 'luck', a new dimension in the dictionary!

Stategy: first read the instructions on this blog. Work that way.

I got the luck that I had the first fruit down BEFORE Moonstruck.
Than, at Moonstruck, I had a colour bomb waiting. That was my luck. 2 Fruits wnet down with the colour bomb AND the stripe combination. After that, I had 2 new colour bomb, of which one had a wrapped candie next to it. That was again a lot of luck.

Odus falls down with a difference of 4 or 5, I think 5.

Good luck from the Netherlands!
You'll need it!

Joni said...

Hated this level! Took about 40 tries. Total luck! I do agree with Cookie about that opening move, read her tips carefully. After that, it's total luck as to whether Odus will fall and those ingredients will fall in time.

jaspreet singh said...

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Anonymous said...

I hate this level, Odus falls every time as I have only one move I can make and ever time it is a moon colour, really fed up with this level1!!!!

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of this level! I've gotten down to one ingredient left, a couple of times but ran out of moves. Sigh! I agree with the comment about about Odus being nervous! Sometimes the only available move is with the color that will make him fall off of his perch!!!

Anonymous said...

Did this on the first try. Unlock the color bomb as Cookie said and try to open only one or two columns in one area. The fruit will fall there and you don't have to worry about having to use the whole board!

Anonymous said...

Is this yet another level I have to play on my PC? Why are there those levels unbeatable with iPhone nor iPad?

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say to those who are frustrated.. Hang in there! Your easy board will come sooner or later. And you can beat this with Mobil too. I did it with my iPhone. After this, 206, 207 are super easy!