Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 192

Tips for level 192 Dreamworld
Only 8 moves to collect 6 stripes!
4 stripes are already on the board in ice so not too difficult, but you need to unlock at least one of the locked candies with a vertical stripe or colour bomb to let more candies fall..
WARNING! Don't unlock the top before move 4 unless you have a death wish! 
As all the candies that fall are bombs with a countdown of only FOUR!
Huge scores are possible on this once the cascades start,
Moonstruck is on move 3..
Video below.

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Anonymous said...

I don't like this one. You can blow through 5 lives in no time and not even know what hit you.
Odus is pretty unsteady but I didn't find him to be a problem (maybe because I wasn't sticking around long enough).
Spend the first few moves freeing the embedded stripes from the ice, but don't set them off (unless they're horizontal) until you get to move 4. Then down come the bombs, but combined with the moonstruck you should be able to make whatever's left at that point.