Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 186

Tips for level 186 Dreamworld.
This level has a glitch where if you complete it during the moonstruck move (Move 5) it freezes and you have to quit and start again.
You either have to complete it before move 5, or after moonstruck.

King have been informed and we'll let you know when it's fixed.
Moonstruck is on move 5 but I don't know how many moves in moonstruck mode as I never got past it. 
Video below.


Anonymous said...

Level 196 has the same glitch.

Constantine Markellos said...
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Constantine Markellos said...

level 187 froze up on the second moonstruck. Not happy!!

Moonstruck happens on move 21 and lasts 1 move. There is a second moonstruck on move 6 and it lasts 2 moves (I am pretty sure about the second MS info but I wasn't paying 100% attention).

Safia Said said...

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Anonymous said...

I guess I'm lucky because I completed it early on and wasn't subjected to the freeze. Just keep Odus balanced and the stripes will be easy to make. I didn't even need all of the ones that are hidden under the ice.

Anonymous said...

Its time to correct the misinformation given thus far.
Moonstruck is indeed on move 5 - not move 26 and 6. Also, I did complete it on the next move 4 and it did not freeze up.

Anonymous said...

Glitch must be fixed. I got it on the second try and it never froze.