Canedy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 176

Tips for level 176 Dreamworld.
You have 21 moves to make 3 colour bombs.
Not too bad except the board has a lot of cream blockers, some of which have to be destroyed to make room for making colour bombs.
If you can clear the center line of cream it will give you more space to work.
Moonstruck is on move 7 and only one move.
Video By Cookie.
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Anonymous said...

Piece of cake!

Good luck from the Netherlands!

Anonymous said...

Got it on my first try. I focused on clearing the cream out of the way as quickly as possible and made the first two color bombs before the moonstruck. The moonstruck created the third, and then I matched one with a stripe and sat back as everything cleared.


Anonymous said...

This is another one of those levels where people say it is much easier than 168 or 169 (which I did on the first try) which I've had no luck on.
Tippy Owl Syndrome and just the general lack of color bombs is the issue.