Candy Crush Saga Dreamworls Level 164

Tips for level 164 Dreamworld
The worst thing that could happen on this level is the fruit getting stuck on top of the chocolate machines.
Once this happens it can be very difficult to move them across.
Otherwise a fairly straightforward level.
Moonstruck is on move 14 and move 4 and only one move in each.
Help to move ingredients across.
Video below.
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Anonymous said...

this is the most irritating level since 104. To me it is a real pain in the ass level. very often the fruit get's stuck in the wrong row and, -as written- it is hard to move these again, especially because you don't have a lot of moves in this level.

Furthermore, bringing down 6 fruit is a whole lot! Again, in not to many moves.

Last, but not least, Odus is not to sensitive, but you never know what happens when you make-get a lot of wrapped candies, than Odus isn't really staple anymore.

Good luck, and yes, you will get frustrated here, but...
You will manage this level as well.

Good luck from the Netherlands!

Joni said...

Very difficult. Took at least 40 tries. The ingredients kept falling on the outside and getting stuck. Finally I got the perfect board and vertical stripes and combos did the trick.

Anonymous said...

Very annoying since the fruit may be in the wrong column and it's hard to move to the right or left with a small number of moves.

Where the first fruit comes from is random, but after that you can control where it comes from. After a fruit drops, the next one will fall wherever you make the next move. That helped me get a board where none of the fruits got stuck over a chocolate machine. Then I was able to get a big enough chain reaction on the moonstruck to get all the ingredients down.

Ultramum said...

Been on this level for over a week ... Lost track of the number of lives lost ... Seems to be all down to getting the 'lucky' board as far as I can see ...

Ultramum said...

Gave up and used loads of 'extras' including a coconut wheel, colour bomb and four hammers to finally pass this level :-(

Anonymous said...

I am SO sick of this level I could scream. My fruit is constantly getting stuck. It goes down where it should and then it takes a sideways jump for no reason whatsoever. I hate Dreamworld and I hate Odus anyway. I only play it because I'm at the end of regular candy crush. I'm to the "why bother" point.

Anonymous said...

If you don't want your ingredients to leap sideways into a column with no out make sure your first move is a vertical match in the column with the ingredient. Also when an ingredient drops and it's time for another one to come down be sure to make a match in the column you want the ingredient to come down in. Cascades are still going to cause the ingredients to go into wrong columns sometimes but you can't do anything about that. I hated this level. But then I hate Odus period.