Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 178

Tips for level 178 Dreamworld
First you need to get the bombs WITHOUT letting them fall through into the sides. If that happens you may as well quit and start again as it's very difficult to get them from there.
Match the bombs very carefully so as not to break the cream under adjacent bombs.
Once that's done just work on the jelly, the side bits are the hardest to get so don't overlook them. 
Moonstruck is on move 9 and 2 moves in moonstruck mode.
Video By Cookie.
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Anonymous said...

Tricky and no fun if you can't get the bombs right away. I matched a color bomb with a stripe (of a non-Odus color) which cleared the bomb that had fallen through just as it reached 1. Then I used a wrapped/striped combo near the bottom of the board to clean out those tricky corners.

KC said...

A very simple level, just do what you're used to do. Take a good look for the best results, before making the first move. Simply make combinations, the bombs will be cleared very easy.Time enough but remember, your starting moves are important. Easy to make a coulor bomb and finish the level. Right side is of no use, Odus is very friendly this level! I even didn't take a look and finished this level with 7 moves left within 3 times.