Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Level 166

Tips for level 166 Dreamworld.
You need 12 striped candy in 30 moves.
The board looks a bit frightening at first as it's covered in chocolate machines!
But remember only one piece of chocolate will grow with each move, and if you destroy a square of chocolate with one move none will grow the next.
There are also cream blocks which you can clear to make more space on the board. If you can make a colour bomb and mix it with a stripe you'll get all your stripes in one go, but that isn't so easy so just make stripes at every opportunity.
Moonstruck is on move 23 and move 13 and there are 2 moves in each.
Video below.
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Anonymous said...

Surprisingly I got this on my first try. It looks hard, but this might be easier in Dreamworld than Reality. For the first few moves, focus on clearing away the cream bricks to open up more space. The moonstrucks remove a color, which makes it easier to form stripes.