Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 159

Tips for levbel 159 Dreamworld
Get the ingredients down.. There are chocolate factories along the top so while you're working on getting the ingredients down you need to make sure that the top doesn't get blocked up by growing chocolate.
Vertical stripes whenever you can make them are very useful, just make sure that firing them won't knock Odus off his perch.
Colour bombs are also very easy to make and using them on a non Odus colour is usually fairly safe, although ! prefer to keep them until moonstruck on move 11 to give the best results. There are 3 moves in moonstruck mode so make and use your combos then.
Video below.
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Anonymous said...

Piece of cake. Just watch Odus carefully, he's not really steady in this level.

It's hard to make a move without creating a wrapped or stripe combination.

Really not complecated at all.

Good luck from the Netherlands!

Joni said...

So easy. Finished first try. Vertical stripes, color bomb/stripe did trick.

Anonymous said...

Looked hard at first because you have to watch the chocolate at the top and Odus is very sensitive, but I got through on my second try, thanks to a wrapped/striped combo and a couple of other wrapped.