Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Level 149

Tips for level 149 Dreamworld
Here you have to collect 99 each of blue and purple candy.
You also need to make and explode 12 striped candies.
First get rid of the chocolate because if you leave it you will spend the whole time trying to control it instead of concentrating on making your stripes.
Collecting the colours will happen if you make stripes and colour bombs.
If possible use the colour bomb on one of the colours you need as long as it isn't a moon colour.
If you manage to keep a colour bomb until moonstruck on move 11 use it then to maximise your chances of getting the colours you need plus stripes.
Video below

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Anonymous said...

Moonstruck is on move 11 and only lasts one move. I used a color bomb/stripe combo on move 12 and luckily didn't lose Odus. Then the moonstruck had enough cascading wrapped and striped candies to leave me with just a few to pick off with my final moves.