Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 133

Tips for level 133 Dreamworld.
This is a jelly level which would be quite easy except for the unusual shaped board. 
Try to work in the bottom of the board if possible, which will clear jelly as well as bringing down more candies.
As with all jelly levels, the best way to clear it is with specials and combos. 
Colour bombs are not so easy to make due to the restricted playing area, but stripes and wraps are possible and stripe/wrap combos will do a lot of damage.
Moonstruck is on move 16 with a second on move 3. 
There are 2 moves in each moonstruck mode.
Video below.
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Constantine Markellos said...

Level 134 moonstruck on move 18, 1 move and move 4, 1 move. Color bomb with stripe is the trick here. First, clearing the bombs.


Constantine Markellos said...

Level 135, moonstruck on moves 14 and 1, both one move. Sorry no videos. Dean

nessie said...

i'm so stuck on 147, not even getting close, it seems almost impossible. Only one moonstruck at move 9 and you can only make one move in it. did anyone passed that level? any tips? i never got so stuck in a level like i am in this one :\ Until now the dreamworld was really easy and fun.

Anonymous said...

Hé! It's about 133!

The best way to finish this level is using a colour bomb. Use one from the "spinning wheel" if possible.

I already hated this level in the real world and with the stupid Owl it even is harder.

I was lucky to get 2 colour bombs with a stripe and than it is an easy to finish level.

Good luck from the Netherlands!

Anonymous said...

Level 133: Not too bad. Striped candies helped, and I got a chocolate ball/striped combo that luckily didn't tip Odus off the scale.

Anonymous said...

I can already tell that I am going to have to use one of my booster wheel chocolate balls to pass this! As people have stated, it's hard to get specials on this level. I've managed to get vertical stripes but never a wrap/stripe combo. These types of levels make me clausterphobic.