Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 131

Tips for level 131 Dreamworld

The aim on this level is to make and match 6 stripes. Sounds easy, but the problem is you only have 4 small 4 x 4 squares to make them in. To complicate things further alll four areas have other obstacles. One square has cream, one has a bomb, the third has licorice and the fourth has chocolate.
The squares are not related to each other so have to be worked in separately. If you can get rid of the chocolate quickly then do so, if not you can ignore it and work in the other 3 squares.
The bomb has to be destroyed at all costs.
Once that's done just try to make stripes wherever you can. 
Moonstruck happens on move 14 with another on move 2 but only one move in each.
Video below.
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