Candy Crush Saga DREAMWORLD level 123

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Tips for level 123 Dreamworld.

Moonstruck happens on move 8 and four moves.
Look for moves inside and around the box first to clear as much cream as you can.. 
Then continue to play at the bottom as much as possible, making special candies... Stripes, wraps and colour bombs. .
Be very careful if they need to be matched that they don't overbalance Odus. 
Keep your eye on the chocolate and if you get a stripe/wrap combo carefully count the 2 moon colours in the path of the blast and if they are fairly equal use it to destroy the chocolate.. It will always be risky as cascades could overbalance the owl, but this is a level where you have to take a chance or two!
But the best strategy is to save as many specials as you can until move 8. Moonstruck will happen on move 8 so you can use any of your specials and will have no danger of overbalancing the owl.
If you had plenty of specials saved up most of the jelly will be destroyed on move 8 and with the resulting cascades, in moonstruck mode.
You then have 3 moves left to clear up any remaining jelly.


Anonymous said...

It is again a horrible and terrible level. There are hardly any skills involved, the majority is luck, a lot of luck.

Very often the game is finished in the first 3 moves becuase of the stupid Owl.

My strategy is the same as written in this blog: try to save as many special candies as possible and use the in move 7 and 6. Very often in the last 4-5 moves you have one or 2 chocolate balls, but when you use it/them... Guess what happens:-(

Probably all the Owls in my country are dead by now...

Stuck for 5 days already.

Good luck from the Netherlands!

Anonymous said...

Level 123 seems to be deliberately designed to turn anyone off. Start a new board and there is one move above and one move below. Both the same color - Odus falls off. Next, game two, a pair of purple above the line and one purple above is the only possible move. It makes a bomb but Odus falls off. Next game one combo on the top makes a stripe but only move possible is below the cream, a normal three, same color and Odus falls off. Next game number 4, get past a few moves, the moonstruck starts and at the end of it Odus falls off.
Last live of 5 make some progress but so many candies left that there are is no chance to succeed with few moves left. Strangely Odus does not care which I move probably because the game knows I cannot win. Have played this level 100's of times and 99% he falls off. Tried all the hints and tips and even handed my iPad to friends to have a go without anyone getting a decent start. Is it just me who gets those impossible boards? The videos on Google all seem to have plenty of moves available. Often get a reshuffle and at the end of it Odus falls off. In one game I saved 3 chocolate bombs and two stripes for the Moonstruck. Resulted in Odus falling off. So what is the secret of this level?

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with our friend from Holland. I had saved many lives sent by friends and started with 23 in all. Guess what happened? The owl died 23 times. No matter what I try, there is someone out there with a shotgun to kill that bird. I had 3 color bombs and two stripes carefully saved for the Moonstruck. It happened and when the owl returned to the scale he fell off without me touching anything. Seems that the developers are keen to have players give up and delete this stupid game. I even had that 'no more possible moves' with a reshuffle and that bird promptly fell off. That should not happen I would have thought. Looks as though owls are fast becoming an endangered species as I have killed more than 300 by now.

Anonymous said...

See my comments of 11 March at 10.14 PM - above.
I have saved one owl from extinction just now. Posted the following comments on another site which I also follow to gather as many hints and tips for the harder levels. This is what I said:
Having posted my comments shown below I must make a confession. After I had dinner decided to watch The History Channel rather than play on with level 123 which I had considered a total waste of time. Having watched a very interesting program I decided to give it just one more go as I should have a full house of lives by now.

The bottom line is that on my first go and making very careful decisions to save whatever special combo I could until the Moonstruck, I had the most fantastic cascade I have seen in any level. This continued and totally blew up everything with the counter going berserk. I think I had 3 color bombs, a few vertical and horizontal stripes and spotted a few more appearing and blowing up during he cascade. It was simply fabulous. Did not have to make one move when Odus re-appeared. He just stood there in awe - like me - and I am sure he said that this spectacle would restore my faith and he urged me battle on with the next level. Maybe my comments will restore some spirit in others stuck on this level.

The bottom line is 823840 points with 3 stars.

Anonymous said...

Finaly finsihed the level on March 13th with one of my last desperate tries to finish this horrible and useless level. I agree with the March 11 - 2014 comment: all Owls will be gone from this planet soon:-)

My trick... oops sorry... my luck:
I used the jelly fish booster I won with the 'spinning wheel' and had a lot of luck with the moonstruck. Wrapped candies kept on falling and it took >1 minute before the Owl finaly came back after a "total" eruption of at least 20 stripe/wrapped and speckled balls. With 5 moves left and just 2 jellies to clean I was so lucky to have a jelly fish that I could use in my first move to clean the 2 jellies left:-)

Now I'm at 124 which seems also hard, but not as hard as 104 & 123. I was pretty close in 3 or 4 tries from the 50(1) attempts I already had. I will finish this level, I'm sure.

I'm more looking forward to see new "normal" boards after 530.
Dreamworld is just not my cup of tea, but something in me says to just finish this level as well, haha!

Good luck from the Netherlands!

Anonymous said...

I actually had more trouble with 121 and 124 than this level. This level took 20 tries. I got very lucky.

luckylau said...

just can not do this level..Odus falls of the moon after 2,3 ,4 moves .can not get any where near clearing the jelly's....just don't get it.when i finally think its done and over - the board moves around and there goes that OWL - falling off the moon...stripes, sprinkle balls just seem to make this board move around so much there is no rhyme or reason to it...

Anonymous said...

This level is yet another level the developers use to slow down the masses. It is meant to encourage us to purchase "helps", and/or keep a large population from reaching the end of the levels until more can be developed. I have been stuck on 123 for over a week, and level 500 for over 3 weeks. On level 123, I've only gotten close when I follow the advise to save all special candies for the moonstruck, then have a couple color bombs after that. It doesn't happen often, though. Pure luck! And the luck isn't coming my way :-(

Anonymous said...

I am sick of level. It is a shit a level!

Robadope said...

Yeah..I almost flung my phone against the wall...what a shit level...Really. Just luck. Very frustrating. That stupid owl and his weak balance. I would've plucked the bugger alive if it could've been possible.
Must have played this level at least 100 times on my phone..And 10 or so times on the PC.
Gave it one more shot on the pc, and whaddayaknow..A festival of specials. Cleared the level with 4 moves left and 660k points.
FINALLY, after 3 weeks.

Anonymous said...

They fixed it!!
Now you get 4 moves in moonstruck mode and it is pretty easy now!

Anonymous said...

This level clearly needs that glue-the-bird-to-the-moon booster. Nothing is more annoying than seeing a promising board with good opportunities, and then carefully manipulating things until moonstruck hits--only to see a waste move lead to a cascade that knocks the damn bird off of his perch. Of all the levels of Candy crush (617 in regular, 123 here), I've used the second-most tries on this one.

luky-west said...

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