Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 95

Tips for level 95 Dreamworld
Two moonstruck modes here.
The first on move 34 and the second on move 19.
You get 3 moves in each so make the most of them..
There could be a third, but at this time I'm not sure.
Try to make as many specials as you can while keeping the owl balanced, then on move 34 you can start using them to clear a path down to the exits for the fruit.. 
Use those 3 moonstruck moves to get as much fruit down as possible. 
Then go back to making more specials ready for the second moonstruck at move 19..


Anonymous said...

This level is impossible. Only one fruit will ever fall into the correct column. While it is impossible to move the next one over. After a week at this level don't know why I persist in trying.

Don G said...

Got it first try. Not hard. Use your Moonstrucks wisely & lots of low combos

Anonymous said...

Twice now I've seen either a nut or cherry come down and immediately disappear from the board on this level. WTF???

Ed said...

What will open the portals? Many times I have the ingredients sitting on top of the portal and use a vertical striped candy, thinking that it will push the ingredient through it, but it still sits there. In other levels, the vertical striped candy will push it through. The only thing that seems to work is when a moonstruck hits. Is this a bug?

Anonymous said...

I have passed 95 but it will not let me pass onto level 96. Says that I have to complete episode to move on but I have already completed 95 twice!! and still it will not unlock please help!!

Chuck Stermetz said...

I have past level 95 of the owl with 2 stars. How do I get to the next level (96).
It says I cannot proceed (progress blocked) unless I complete the next episode in the normal Candy crush world.
How do I unlock it ????? How do I proceed ????