Candy Crush Saqa Dreamworld Level 43

Tips for level 43 Dreamworld.

The first moonstruck mode occurs around move 17.
Only ONE move in moonstruck mode.
You get a second moonstruck at move 2 so the last move only is free of Odus..By then it doesn't matter anyway.

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vida said...

I have a friend who is playing on FB, and she passed the level with 51,000 points... my game says I need 160,000 to pass.. are there different versions of the game?... I am finding it very difficult to reach the target.

Anonymous said...

i got a score of 522,920 on this level and it will not let me advance.....any ideas ?

Anonymous said...

This is a strange level. Odus fell off the moon twice but the game did not stop, and I kept on playing to the end, three stars and 350,000 points.

Sam Last name said...

This level is impossible!!!!!