Candy Crush Dreamworld Top Tips

Odus the owl top ten tips.

1. Use the first game of a new level to see which move the moonstruck occurs on. It will be the same on that level every time you play but it is different on every level. 
The tips on our level guides tell you when to expect it BUT if the board shuffles the moonstruck will happen later as a shuffle takes away a move but DOES NOT count towards moonstruck..

2.  Count how many moves you get in the Moonstruck phase. This is important as you then know whether to use any combos you have on the board or try to make more.
On some levels there is only ONE move in Moonstruck mode, but it is always the same each time you play a level.

3.   Once you know when moonstruck will happen you can build up specials and combos ready to use when Odus flies off his perch. 

4.  If you are going to match one of the colours on the end of the moon FIRST look around to see if there is a chance to match the other colour to balance him

6.  If you see a chance of a colour bomb in one of Odus's colours first try to get him leaning the other way so you don't overbalance him when you make the colour bomb.

7.  If you make a colour bomb try to save it until the moonstruck phase. It is possible to use colour bombs in normal play but you need to study very carefully where the candies will fall so you don't overbalance Odus with cascades. 

8.  If you have a combo such as a stripe/wrap or 2 stripes that you need to match look carefully at the path the blast will take and count how many of each of the two moon colours are on the path of the blast.
If the two colours are fairly even you can use the combo without overbalancing Odus. But if there is a lot more of one colour than the other don't risk it! 
There's always a risk that the new candies that fall will overbalance Odus but you sometimes have to take the risk.
This image shows the two possible paths of the combo and you can see that either way would be fairly safe.

9.  While you're balancing Odus don't forget the task required to complete the level. Whether it's jelly, ingredients or just to score enough points, keep focussed on what you need.

10.  Last but not least, CONCENTRATE! Take your time, there's no rush unless it's a timed level, which at the time of writing there aren't any.


Anonymous said...

Ireached level 43 and made the score was told candy crush then nothing happened this is in dream world reached the right score an number of times ???? find this frustrating??? wont let me move up???

Anonymous said...

I am on 73 impossible!!!!!!!!!!! any tips

sharon Howell said...

Hi any idea why I'm locked out of episode 486 onwards. I am at level 770 for saga. thanks Sharon